Acai Splash, Ibiza

The Place

Acai Splash calls itself a superfood bar. It’s one of (I think) only two places on Ibiza where you can find health-giving Brazilian acai berries. Haven’t heard of them? Go and Google. They’ll change your life.

The Neighbourhood

One of the main roads heading north out of Ibiza Town. Walking distance from Pacha. And – where you’re more likely to find me these days – the Eroski supermarket. Which, TBF, is a pretty good supermarket!

A Good Shout for…

Giving your body a much-needed boost, the morning after the night before. Or a tasty little detour on the supermarket run.

The Best Bits

  • A mouth-watering menu of fruit juices and smoothies.  
  • The rustic little seating area they have out the back.
  • A perfect, Insta-friendly acai bowl – available to eat in or takeaway.

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