Arancina, London

The Place

Arancina – named after those totally moreish little deep-fried, risotto rice balls – is a quick and easy Sicilian pizza joint in Notting Hill.  

It’s small, with just a few shelves-turned-tables downstairs and a tiny seating area upstairs. I usually get a slice to go. Or use Deliveroo to order in at home.

The Neighbourhood

Arancina is just a couple of minutes away from Notting Hill tube station and a corner away from Portobello Road. You can’t miss the place. Especially when there’s a characteristic queue outside.

I love stopping for a slice on my way to Portobello Road Market. Or another of my favourites in the area – The Spice Shop or Lisboa Patisserie.

A Good Shout for…

A quick-stop pizza slice before a stomp round Notting Hill.  

The Best Bits

  • The pizza, of course. One of the tastiest, best quality, most authentic pizzas you’ll get in the whole of London. These guys know their stuff.
  • Yes, Arancina is famous for its pizzas. But it’s actually got a pretty diverse menu of delicious Italian dishes. The tiramisu – my kryptonite – is so good here. And, if you’re not counting the calories, it would be rude not to sample the arancina balls.   
  • As if things couldn’t get any more Italian, there’s an old school Fiat stuck in the window. Head inside and you’ll see that it’s just a slice of a Fiat. And it’s being used as a handy pizza shelf. Genius!

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