Atelier des Lumieres, Paris

The Place

An old ironworks turned digital art gallery. Until December 2019 it’s exhibiting Van Gogh, Starry Night / Dreamed Japan, Images of the Floating World / Verse.

But don’t go expecting a standard art gallery set up. This feels like the future of art.

Ever-moving artworks are projected onto the floor underneath your feet, the walls, the ceiling. They cover every inch of the huge interior. And are seamlessly integrated with each other and the music composed specifically for the exhibition.

It was an unbelievable, totally immersive experience. Book your ticket online and get your timeslot

The Neighbourhood

In the 11th arrondissement, just around the corner from the famous Père Lachaise Cemetery. This isn’t central, central Paris. It’s a bit off the beaten track, which means it’s a lot less crowded than those tourist hotspots. 

A Good Shout for…

An unforgettable, immersive art experience.

The Best Bits

  • Feeling like I’d discovered something really rare and special. I just loved the combination of traditional art with cutting-edge tech.
  • Being adventurous and discovering smaller, hidden rooms with their own unique projections.  
  • Learning about the history of the building. An old iron foundry dating back to 1835, derelict for decades and reopened in 2018 as this spectacular exhibition hall.
  • Sitting down with a drink and embracing the sensory overload. It was a beautiful and calming, like nothing I’ve ever experienced before.

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