Braud & Co, Reykjavik

The Place

Brauð & Co. is an amazing, amazing Reykjavik bakery.

They have a couple of locations across the city. All with beautiful, minimal Scandi interior design. And shelves stacked full with fresh bread and other baked goodies, including traditional Icelandic cinnamon buns.

The Neighbourhood

I visited two Brauð & Co. locations during my stay in Reykjavik. One in the Hlemmur Food Market. And the original location, which is right by ROK restaurant and a five minute walk from the beautiful Hallgrímskirkja church.

The latter has an acid trip of an artwork painted all over the façade, so it’s very easy to spot.  

A Good Shout for…

Authentic Icelandic cinnamon buns.

The Best Bits

  • The smell of fresh bread that entices you from 100 metres down the street. You’re never in any doubt about which direction to head in.
  • The best Icelandic cinnamon buns in Reykjavic. Absolutely delicious. Highly fattening too. But hey, I was on holiday. What do I care?
  • If you’re visiting Brauð & Co. at the Hlemmur Food Hall you can get a cup of coffee with your bun. The original bakery, however, just serves baked goods. So head to Kaffitár or Röst to get your caffeine fix.

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Bela Molnar
Kröst, Reykjavik | Mr Globetrotter says 01/11/2019

[…] here). ROK is another great restaurant within easy stomping distance. And there’s an amazing Brauð & Co bakery in the food hall […]

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