British Airways business/first class SALE!

These sales only come around a couple of times a year, so you really don’t want to miss this. The main thing to remember that the sales end on the 19th of March.

Apart from the business and first class sales fare you must check out the holiday packages. All it means is that instead of just booking the airfare alone you combine it with a hotel and/or car rental. Now I can hear that some of you would ask why would I do that? The simple reason is that sometimes including a hotel stay along with your premium flight works out less expensive compared to booking the flight and the hotel separately. So, it’s well worth looking at the holiday packages to see if your favourite hotel is included and at what cost.

A quick reminder about the different premium cabins and the benefits;

Also read about my recent Club World flight from London to New York here to get an idea of the current business class service.

Club World destinations and guide prices

North America

Fort Lauderdale – from £1,555 return

Nashville – from £1,396 return

Tampa – from £1,562 return

Vancouver – from £1,420 return

Latin America and Caribbean

Buenos Aires – from £1,850 return

Grand Cayman – from £1,800 return

Lima – £1,695 return

Nassau – from £1,799 return – Club World

Santiago – from £1,999 return

Sao Paulo – from £1,799 return

Far East and Australia

Hong Kong – from £1,983 return

Sydney – from £3,794 return

Tokyo – from £4,298 return

South and Central Asia

Bengaluru – from £2,189 return

Mumbai – from £1,859 return

Middle East and Africa

Abu Dhabi – from £1,448 return

Amman – from £1,309 return

Dubai – from £1,698 return

Johannesburg – from £1,986 return

Nairobi – from £1,775 Club World and from £2,400 First Class

Club Europe destinations and guide prices

Athens – from £199 each way

Barcelona – from £111 each way

Basel – from £118 each way

Belfast – from £87 each way

Billund – from £98 each way

Budapest- from £160 each way

Copenhagen – from £139 each way

Gothenburg – from £109 each way

Hamburg – from £109 each way

Krakow – from £140 each way

Lisbon – from £139 each way

Marseille – from £119 each way

Paris – from £99 each way

In general, a Saturday night stay is a must and many of the flights will require a minimum 7-day length trip.

For the British Airways Luxury SALE page CLICK HERE!

It’s also worthwhile to look at prices at the online travel agencies below as they can offer further discounts. Click the individual logos to search.


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Qatar/BA business class from Sweden to Asia from £1228 | Mr Globetrotter's Travel Site says 03/05/2020

[…] The fares are available from Gothenburg or Stockholm, that you can easily reach from London with a direct BA flight. If you are quick enough you could benefit from the current BA Luxury SALE to snap up a Club Europe seat to Gothenburg that would also add 80 BA tier point on top of the long haul flight from Sweden. Read about the current BA SALE here. […]

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