COCO Donuts, Brussels

The Place

I thought Krispy Kreme had it down when it came to donuts but this is some next level stuff. This fun little donut shop / café was set up by a couple of friends and there are now a few COCOs dotted around the city.

This is the kind of place that’s been built for the Instagram generation. So you know you’re going to get picture perfect design, both in terms of the donuts and the café itself.

The Neighbourhood

Right next to a load of tourist sites including the palace and the Magritte museum. Ten minutes’ walk from Grand Place. And 20 minutes in the other direction to the Made in Louise hotel where I stayed.

A Good Shout for…

A takeaway sweet treat and some shots for your Insta (if that’s your kinda thing).

The Best Bits

  • Obviously, the donuts. These bad boys are next level, both in terms of size and the toppings piled up on top of them. Just accept that your calorie intake is about to go through the roof.
  • The design. This place couldn’t be more on trend if it tried. A botanical theme and a wall of flowers make it ever popular with snap happy visitors.
  • Grabbing a table outside, supping a coffee, and doing a spot of people watching.

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