5 Coffee Fix Spots in London

London is blessed with some of the best coffee shops in the world. Particularly the past 5 years we have been more than spoiled for choices all around the city. This is 5 of my go to places, but there are hundreds more to try. I’m always testing new places, so keep your eyes on the blog for new lists. I don’t drink a lot of coffee per day, so might as well I go for quality over quantity. The great thing about the below shortlist that they are all 5-10 minutes’ walk away from each other, so if you are a true coffee junkie, you could hit all five of them in one easy trip 🙂

1. Monmouth Cafe

A long-running favourite of mine. They have two branches. (see details below) Friendly and knowledgeable staff. They are always happy to give you samples to taste, but you can also go for a full-on tasting session. They have tons of beans to pick from, but for some reason, I always prefer their house blend. My only issue is that I no longer can drink their coffees at their venues, as they don’t offer a cow milk alternative. Ie. Almond, soy or oat. However, I’m regularly buying their perk and make it at home.


2. Soho Grind

Currently in 4 locations. As the name indicates it one of them is in the heart of Soho. I visit this regularly. The difference compared to your average coffee shop is the fact that their basement hides an awesome cocktail bar.


3. Flat White Soho

Flat White is located in the heart of Soho amidst the Berwick Street Market. Its been around since 2005. It was the first place in London back then who was serving a mean flat white 🙂 Naturally a haven for Australian and New Zealand expats and travellers desperate for a good coffee in the capital. They have a sister cafe called the Milkbar around the corner on Bateman Street.

4. Bar Italia

This list wouldn’t be complete without including this coffee institution. Its opened soon after the II. world war in 1949, but the brand has been around 1946. Soho had a strong Italian community back then, so it was only time before a great Italian would open a cafe. Much of the design and even the furniture are still the original. Another unique thing to mention, this place is open 24 hours a day! 

Bar Italia has the look of a classic Italian cafe, and it always will continue to do so. It’s not just the excellent coffee, the warm greeting or the atmosphere. There is something unique. Coffee making is a ritual, a ritual handed down over the centuries. Great place for people watching and celebrity spotting.


5. Algerian Coffee Store

Established in 1887. Yes, you heard it right! You can pick from over 80 different coffee beans and 120 teas. All of their coffee is in beans, and ground and packed as you wish. I usually buy small batches and keep trying different beans. I personally love the Torino and the Formula Rosa. The shop still retains some original features, the wooden shelves along the walls, the original wooden counter and display case. The great news is that you can also order online. So why is this place on my list? In this deliciously smelling tiny shop there as an espresso machine tucked away, so you can order takeaway coffee as well. Only locals would know this…


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