Din Tai Fung, Singapore

The Place

Founded by a Chinese guy in the 1970s, Din Tai Fung arrived in Singapore in 2003. Now a chain of 25 restaurants, Din Tai Fung serves up the absolute granddaddy of dumplings. Along with bao buns and other delights. Cut a long story short, it’s one you really shouldn’t miss.

The Neighbourhood

It’s in the middle of the famous Orchard rd. I definitely wouldn’t have come across this place if it wasn’t for the help of a couple of good friends who happen to live in Singapore. It’s on the ground floor of a shopping mall and not the easiest find.

A Good Shout for…

A quick but tasty dumpling feast.

The Best Bits

  • The super-scrummy dumplings and bao buns. Taste them and you’ll understand why this place is famous for them.
  • Peeking at the small army of chefs busy making bao and dumplings in the kitchen. They effectively work in a glass box, so you can watch them while you queue and while you order.
  • Realising that people don’t hold back on their order. After making mine I noticed that bamboo steamers towered high on lots of other tables. I had to go in for a second round. So be bold. And rest assured they provide takeaway boxes if your eyes really are too big for your belly.
  • A quick tip: The queue is long but it moves quickly. However, if you’d rather avoid it altogether you can book ahead or put your name down at the door and pop back later.

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