Grizzly, Brussels

The Place

So, I’m sure you know this story.

You’re incredibly hungry. The place you wanted to go to is closed. Nowhere else seems to be open. Hanger sets in, which doesn’t go down well with the other half. And then the panic. Where, oh where, am I going to get some goddam brunch?

But then, all of a sudden, you turn a corner and somewhere like Grizzly pops into view.

My brunchtime visit to Grizzly was unplanned. But I’m so glad I found this place. And not just because my blood sugar was running dangerously low.

The Neighbourhood

The Châtelain ‘hood, which is full of cool restaurants, shops and bars. Other restos to check out include Knees to Chin, La Quincaillerie and Toucan Sur Mer. You can grab some groceries at The Barn Bio Market. And stay the night at the Made in Louise hotel.

A Good Shout for…

Brunch, lunch or dinner in a super sweet, totally chilled out venue.

The Best Bits

  • I loved the design. The place reminded me of trips to both France and Miami with its bistro, retro, art deco-y kinda vibe.
  • Great food and drink. I was there for brunch, when they served up the usual (but very tasty) eggs, avo, pancakes and granola. Plus a menu of cheeky breakfast cocktails. Lunch and dinnertime diners get to munch on the likes of burgers, steaks and fried chicken.
  • There are tables outside, which give you a great view over a cool little square and a grand, old church.

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