Horta Museum, Brussels

The Place

The Horta Museum was once the private home of Belgian architect and designer, Victor Horta. This guy was a pioneer of the Art Nouveau movement in Brussels and his house totally reflects his design passions.

The museum is a little gem, one of a kind, and you have to check it out if you’re visiting Brussels.

Also – a little tip – there are other Horta Art Nouveau buildings in Brussels but they’re only open to the public if you’re booked onto a tour. I didn’t realise this in time but it’s top of the list for my next trip to Brussels.

The Neighbourhood

The cool Châtelain neighbourhood. Ten minutes’ from the Made in Louise hotel and around the corner from some great brunch and lunch spots, Hinterland and Jat’ Café.

A Good Shout for…

Art Nouveau eye-candy.

The Best Bits

  • The jaw-to-the-floor Art Nouveau design that is carried all the way through the house. Just beautiful!
  • How well preserved the house is. It’s set out like somebody still lives there. I kept expecting old Victor to come back from the shop and get royally peed off at all these peeps sneaking round his house.
  • One of the best things (and also the worst things for a snap-happy chappy like myself) was the no camera rule, enforced by a bunch of stern-looking, selfie-hating security geezers.

    I didn’t get to take any photos in the Horta museum (the pics in this post are from the museum website). But I did get to soak up the beauty and the atmosphere of the building without vying for space with the other snappers. Every cloud, eh?

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