JAT’ Café, Brussels

The Place

Jat’ means cup in the Belgian Walloon language. And cups of hot tea and coffee are obvs a speciality here. But this big, airy café with its floor to ceiling windows also serves up mouth-watering brekkie and lunch options (and a brunch at the weekend).

The Neighbourhood

Jat’ is around the corner from the Horta museum. It’s just across the street from another great breakfast joint, Hinterland.

You’ll also find the Made in Louise hotel, the Barn Bio Market (for all your organic grocery needs), and the Belgian Chocolate Makers shop (for all your chocolatey needs) close by.

A Good Shout for…

Laid back coffee and a lunchtime bagel. A pitstop before or after a visit to the Horta museum.

The Best Bits

  • The quirky, retro-modern style. I felt like I’d walked into the Jetsons’ living room.
  • Choosing where to sit from a selection of cool and cosy corners. The wooden seating stack scattered with cushions was my favourite.
  • The casual, chilled out atmosphere with an interesting mix of people. Expect locals, peeps tapping away on their laptops and the odd tourist.

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