Kaffitár, Reykjavik

The Place

My knowledge of the Icelandic language might be basic. But even I guessed that this joint had something to do with coffee.

Kaffitár is a small coffee shop chain with its own roastery. As such it’s pretty much the place to go for an amazing cup of joe in Reykjavik.

None of that new, trendy, touristy affair. The guys at Kaffitár believe in quality over quantity. And they sell all kinds of coffee paraphernalia too. So you know where to go if you forgot to pack the cafetiere.

The Neighbourhood

Kaffitár is right around the corner from 101 Hotel. (read my review here.) It was my first port of call on my first morning in Reykjavik. A man needs his coffee fix!

Seabaron restaurant, right by the Harpa Concert Hall, and Sushi Social are just a few other hotspots you can find close by.

A Good Shout for…

Warming up with a hot drink before heading out to explore Reykjavik. Or picking up a few bags of coffee before heading out into the wilds.

The Best Bits

  • Free coffee refills. You get this in cafés across Iceland. But rarely is the coffee as good as the stuff you get in here.
  • The café’s ethical cred. An amazing 80% of the coffee beans they source are bought directly from farmers. And Kaffitár is big on reducing its environmental impact too. Impressive stuff.
  • Artisan bread, cakes and pastries, crafted in Kaffitár’s own bakery. Delicious!

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