Kavalleriet Cafe, Stockholm

The Place

Small café in a historical building serving breakfast, lunch, artisanal coffee and Stockholm’s famous fika. It can be little hard to find, just because it’s a slightly unusual location for a café. Inside it veers school cafeteria but in a totally charming, style-in-simplicity way.  

The Neighbourhood

In the very central Östermalm district. A couple of minutes’ walk from the harbour and around ten from Gamla Stan and the Palace. A short cab ride from one of my favourite Stockholm culture stops, Fotografiska.

A Good Shout for…

A quick, chilled out breakfast or lunch. Or a coffee and cake in between.

The Best Bits

  • Tucking into my coffee and croissant in the airy, atmospheric dining room.
  • Chatting to the guy you can see in the photos and learning about the history of the building. It’s the oldest industrial building in the city. And it used to be where bread was baked for the military. Hence the name Kavalleriet, which means “the cavalry” in Swedish.  
  • Picking up some artisan coffee to take home with me – this place sells some of the best local coffee brands in Stockholm.

(Another little point – I was there first thing in the morning, before they’d put tables out in the courtyard. But after doing a little Insta-stalking I can see that they have a beautiful, shaded al fresco space too.)

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Johan & Nyström Cafe, Stockholm | Mr Globetrotter says 23/07/2019

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