Liberty, London

The Place

Calling Liberty a department store doesn’t really do it justice. This place is a city icon. Established in 1875 and operating from its current location since 1924, its six floors have long been packed with the best and most beautiful goods a (sizeable) wad of cash can buy.

The Neighbourhood

Central London. A short walk down from Oxford Circus station. In fact, Liberty was one of the first buildings I really explored in London when I got here 30 years ago. I was meeting a friend and rather than try (and fail) to find each other in the hustle of Oxford Circus, he suggested we head to Liberty instead.

A Good Shout for…

Browsing, even if you’re not planning to buy anything. Or finding unique designer items if you’re prepared to splash some cash.  

The Best Bits

  • Seeing how Liberty reinvents itself every season. Visiting in the run up to Christmas makes you feel like a kid again. It’s like you’ve walked into a winter wonderland.
  • Getting a first-hand glimpse at those super-famous liberty prints. Even if there’s not a crafty bone in your body, the fabric department is a must-see.
  • Shopping for hand-crafted chocolates on the ground floor. Or stocking up on beautiful stationery. Whatever the budget, you can always walk away with a little Liberty something.

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Photographers Gallery, London | Mr Globetrotter says 10/09/2019

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