Lisboa Patisserie, London

The Place

It might not look much from the outside, but this unassuming café is home to some of the best pastéis de nata custard tarts in London.

Lisboa Patisserie has been around forever. In fact, I used to live right above it 30 years ago. One of the ladies in there still claims to recognise me and tries to chuck me a free custard tart whenever I pop in. I take whatever I can!

Jokes aside. Their cakes were delicious 30 years ago. And they’re still delicious today.

The Neighbourhood

Lisboa Patisserie sits close to Westborne Park and Ladbroke Grove tube stations on Golborne Road. It’s close to the tourist hotspot that is Portobello Road Market but the area is easy to miss.

That’s because there’s a kind of no man’s land in between the north end of the market and this (really nearby) neighbourhood. But Golborne Road’s villagey vibe and cute little venues make it more than worth a visit.

Another of my West London faves, Pizza East Portobello, can also be found in this ‘hood. In fact, I’d recommend skipping the (admittedly very tasty) tiramisu at Pizza East and heading down to Lisboa Patisserie for a custard tart and a coffee instead.

A Good Shout for…

Authentic, no frills cake, coffee and pastries.

The Best Bits

  • The authentic Portuguese custard tarts, made freshly every day. And as good as you’d get in Lisbon.
  • Grabbing a table outside (if you can – it’s often busy) and watching the world go by.
  • Getting a taste of local London. You won’t find this place on Insta. And tourists are few and far between. It’s a real hidden gem.

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Bela Molnar
The Spice Shop, London | Mr Globetrotter says 09/10/2019

[…] are plenty of other goodies nearby. Pizza East is one of my fave pizza joints in the city. And Lisboa Patisserie is the place to pick up a Portuguese custard […]

Bela Molnar
Electric Cinema Portobello, London | Mr Globetrotter says 07/11/2019

[…] planning on making a day of it, you’ll find Pizza East Portobello (a great pizza joint) and Lisboa Patisserie (an amazing Portuguese bakery). Not forgetting the famous antique shops and pretty facades along […]

Bela Molnar
bella says 15/10/2020

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Keep sharing 🙂

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