Market Place, Moscow

The Place - Market Place, Moscow

A kind of foodie marketplace (as the name suggests!). This restaurant is made up of “stalls” serving cuisine from around the world. Browse each different kitchen and charge whatever you like to your Marketplace card. 

The Neighbourhood

Another great joint in Basmanny – one of Moscow’s vibrant, cool and artsy areas. The restaurant is really close to the MOSS Boutique Hotel (where I stayed). And some great cafés including Double B, Surf Coffee and KK 12/10

A Good Shout for…

An informal and relatively speedy lunch or dinner. Absolutely spot-on for those times when everyone in your group is hungry for something different. 

The Best Bits

  • Insta-worthy displays of flowers and foliage both outside and in. This place has a beautiful fresh, green theme. 
  • Seeing chefs prepare my food right in front of me. 
  • Mouth-watering cuisine – from Chinese to pan-European to traditional Russian. Sweet. Savoury. Healthy fruit juices. This place has it all. 

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Bela Molnar
Surf Coffee, Moscow | Mr Globetrotter says 25/06/2019

[…] joints and some great galleries too. Surrounded by tons of other cool places like KK 12/10, the Marketplace restaurant and Double B Café – sure signs that this neighbourhood has something fresh and exciting to […]

Bela Molnar
KK 12/10 Cafe, Moscow | Mr Globetrotter says 25/06/2019

[…] Right by the University. Next door to the MOSS Boutique Hotel (where I stayed). And close to the Marketplace restaurant, Surf Coffee and Double B […]

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