Meet the brand new British Airways Club Suite.

It’s finally here. After many months of guessing British Airways have released the first set of pictures and videos of the new club world seats called Club Suites. Let’s see;

The hard facts;

  • All seats have direct aisle access! I love it!
  • The seats are angled instead of facing forward. I’m not really bothered.
  • The beds are marginally longer, but they are longer! They are 2m (200.66cm) or 79 inches now. Yes, please. Every inch/cm counts!
  • The TV screens 18.5 inches! Wow! A dream came through!
  • There is a separate hand-held screen. Love it!
  • You have a shoulder seatbelt for take-off and landing
  • 40% more storage! Amazing!
  • There is a vanity mirror. L
  • There is a privacy screen between the middle seat pair.
  • There are overhead lockers down the centre of the aircraft. Brilliant!
  • The dining table slides almost entirely away under your TV

So, what do we think? I think it’s pretty good all around. I can’t wait to try it!

If that weren’t enough, all of the above will come on the brand new A350 aircraft! The new plane alone will also promote a feeling of well-being, space and calm due to its reduced noise levels, high ceilings and ambient lighting which is intended to complement the time of day and outside light. We will leave our flights feeling a lot more rested thanks to higher levels of humidity and refreshed air as the cabin pressure is equivalent to an altitude of just 6,000 feet. I flew the Finnair A350, and I was sceptical about all the rave reviews, but I can safely say that it is a vast difference compare to any other aircraft types.

The new A350 featuring the new Club Suites will be introduced in three phases;

Phase one, the first A350 aircraft will fly on a short-haul route between London and Madrid. This is kind of a practice run for the flight crew to perfect their customer service and familiarise themselves with the aircraft layout.

Phase two, from October 1, 2019, the aircraft will begin long-haul flying. Also three more A350 aircraft will join the British Airways fleet and two Boeing 777 aircraft will also be retrofitted with the new cabin.

Phase three At the start of 2020 we will see British Airways rolling out its Club Suite on further long-haul aircraft across the network.

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