Omnia, Bali

The Place

I’m a very, very lucky boy. A friend of mine is the music director at this place, so I got a jammy first peek at Omnia before it opened back in February 2018. And then got to go back for my birthday too.

Omnia is a daytime club, open from 11am to 7pm, and it’s already a Bali hotspot. A collection of bars, pools and a dancefloor to shake your stuff on all sit on top of a limestone cliff. One bar actually seems to overhang it.

Which means incredible views. Amazing sunsets. And one of the most astounding building designs I’ve ever laid eyes on.

The Neighbourhood

Omnia is a little way out of the busy, Bali tourist areas. This neighbourhood – Uluwatu – takes a bit of time to get to. But communal taxis are available, with Omnia putting on their own transport from popular areas like Seminyak.  

A Good Shout for…

A day of chilling and clubbing with friends. You can reserve an area or a couple of sunbeds. And then head up to the Sake no Hana sushi restaurant when the club closes at 7pm.

The Best Bits

  • Hanging out in the infinity pool and soaking up the seamless blue of the pool, the Indian Ocean and that beautiful Bali sky.
  • Getting up close to the DJs. The dance floor at Omnia is pretty small. So you can be just a metre or two from your favourite tune-meisters.   
  • Supping a cocktail at the swim-up bar. And enjoying world-class sushi from my sun lounger.

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