Seabaron, Reykjavik

The Place

Seabaron (or Saegreifinn) is as basic as it comes. This quirky little Reykjavik restaurant is housed in an old fisherman’s hut.

From the outside, it looks like the most uninviting place you’ve ever seen. And inside, you feel like you’re sat in a shipping container. Fine dining it ain’t.

But there’s more to this place than meets the eye. And if, like me, you love seafood, you really have to give it a try.

It was my absolute favourite foodie place in the whole of Reykjavik. So much so that I went back twice.  

The Neighbourhood

Seabaron is one of a collection of smaller restaurants and cafés to be found in the old harbour of Reykjavik. It’s nearby the beautiful and relatively new Harpa Concert Hall. And about 10 minutes’ walk from the city centre.

Another of my Reykjavik faves sits pretty much next door. So I’d be tempted to pop into Röst Café for a sweet fix at the end of the meal.

A Good Shout for…

A simple but incredible lunch in the quirkiest of settings.  

The Best Bits

  • The seafood, none of which has ever seen the inside of a freezer. Their lobster soup (a speciality across Iceland) was the best I’ve ever tasted. It’s the daddy, make no mistake. I’m actually getting hungry just thinking about it.
  • The eclectic décor. Modern, industrial-chic lighting. A cod carved from wood. And a (very lifelike) old man mannequin. I actually sat down next to him and said hello, much to everyone’s amusement around me. And I hadn’t even had a drink!?!
  • Seeing so many locals eating in there. Always a good sign. This isn’t a poncey tourist trap. It’s a place where local food, cooked authentically, is the star of the show.

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