Singapore Airlines: The Airline of the Future

At times, it is easy to view air travel as a necessary evil. The long lines, cramped quarters, and seemingly endless hours of waiting have the tendency to make the experience somewhat stressful, to say the least.

Yet, in the modern day and age, some airlines are increasingly going the extra mile to enhance their passengers’ travel experience and make every element of the in-flight process enjoyable and seamless.

The Star of Skytrax

There are a number of airlines in particular, whose service quality has reached such stellar heights, that they are ranked on a special list among the top in their industry.

For nearly twenty years, the international air transit rating body Skytrax has annually released such a list, which takes into consideration the level of services rendered at the airline hub as well as inflight.

In July, Skytrax released their list of recipients for the 2018 World Airline Awards, with Singapore Airlines coming in at first place. Singapore Airlines was also recognized for having the “Best First Class”, “Best First Class Airline Seat”, and rated as the “Best Airline in Asia”.

Founded in 1947, Singapore Airlines has a fleet size of 122 aircraft, which fly to 64 destinations worldwide, holding its place as one of the largest airlines in the whole of Asia. With its hub based in Singapore’s Changi Airport, the airline is additionally graded as one of the premier 15 airlines globally for their ratio of revenue-passengers-kilometers and is rated as 10th in the world for the number of international fliers transported.

Flights of the Future

Case in point, the airline commenced the inaugural launch of the Airbus A380, which to date is the world’s largest passenger carrier, as well as Boeing’s first 787-10 aircraft. The luxurious Airbus A380 features fully furnished suites with beds and swivel chairs, spacious bathrooms, enhanced storage compartments, and delectable menu offerings for suite guests, including lobster, prawn, and veal.

Inflight Amenities

However, it is not merely Singapore Airlines’ offerings for premium passengers which hit the mark, but their services in entirety. Singapore Airlines flight attendants are highly rated for their efficiency and friendliness, carefully attending to the needs of fliers across all classes and travel durations.

Even passengers in economy can expect to experience what would otherwise be considered business class amenities, enjoying large fluffy pillows, hot towels, real silver and glassware, cocktails, menus, and above average meal offerings. Singapore Airlines’ in-flight entertainment is far above average, with hundreds of films to choose from.

In addition, across all flight classes, Skytrax awarded Singapore Airlines top star ratings for their check-in, staff assistance, boarding, and baggage handling, as well as in-flight essentials such as seat comfort, bathroom facilities, meal and beverage offerings, Wi-Fi connectivity, attendant hospitality, and even language skills. Singapore Airlines has set the bar for excellence for the truly luxurious flight experience and will only continue to dominate the airline business in the decades to come.

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