Snoopy Museum, Tokyo

The Place

As you’ve probably guessed, Snoopy Museum Tokyo concerns itself with the life and times of a certain beagle. It’s a great place to visit if Snoopy and co. have any place at all in your heart.

I saw the Snoopy exhibition at Somerset House in London last year. And the Tokyo version blows it out of the water. It’s bigger, more fun and more interactive with loads of original comic strips to take a look at.

The Neighbourhood

The Snoopy museum Tokyo that I visited has closed down now. But don’t worry! They’re opening an upgraded version (in Machida, a little way out of the city centre) in December 2019

A Good Shout for…

Getting an insight into Snoopy and the whole Peanuts gang.

The Best Bits

  • Learning about the life of creator, Charles M. Schulz, and the values he put into the Snoopy story. It’s so much more than a kid’s cartoon and some great graphic design.
  • The amazing merch shop. Fans should steer clear unless they fancy blowing their life savings on all things Snoopy.
  • Walking through a museum that made me smile. This fun and cheerful place made a welcome change from the usual museum fare.

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