A Hoxton hotel is always a solid and stylish choice. Looking for the lowdown on the French capital’s incarnation? Here’s my review of this boutique Paris hotel.

Why the Hoxton for my stay in Paris?

Ahhh – like a pair of expensive, designer slippers – every Hoxton hotel is chic, comfortable and reassuringly familiar. I’ve stayed at hotels belonging to this brand around the world. And I love their style and service.

This Hoxton also couldn’t have a better location – tucked away on a little side street but right slap bang in the middle of Paris. It’s in the 2nd arrondissement, close to the Louvre and the tourist trail but round the corner from some cool artsy options too.

First Impressions

The building itself is beautiful. Inside, it’s equalling charming – shabby chic meets farmhouse with a Parisian twist.

A sweeping staircase and a picturesque courtyard are just a few of its stand out features. And it’s understatedly but confidently stylish throughout. Five star design by anyone’s standards.

There’s a but coming…

But…when you first enter the lobby, you end up lugging your bag up a flight of stairs, across a cobbled courtyard and past a lounge of Parisian peeps enjoying drinks and chilled out chat before you reach the reception. Which is a little frustrating and confusing.

Until you get to sit and enjoy drinks and chilled out chat there. Then it becomes really cool!

The Room

Hey, let’s be honest. Unless you really want to splash the cash, a hotel room in Paris is always going to be a little – shall we say – compact. The Hoxton is no exception. In fact, they play up to their cosy room sizes by calling their smallest room class, Shoebox. Bold move.

But, in true Hoxton style, my room was beautifully comfortable and well-designed. Tasteful wood panelling. A splash of vintage chic in the bathroom – which had the most impressive shower cubicle I’ve ever had the joy of getting wet in. A view onto a peaceful garden courtyard. And a cosy double to bed down in.

What did I find outside the hotel door?

You don’t get much more central than the 2nd arrondissement. Grands Boulevards and Bonne Nouvelle stations are close by if you want to hop on the metro. And a quick ten minute stroll gets you to the Louvre.

But, as in my case, the culture may well have to take a back seat as the hood’s oh-so-enticing bars, restaurants and cafés call out your name. Atmossy eateries and drinkeries are waiting to be found around every corner.

A few tips for a stay at the Hoxton Hotel in Paris

The famous Rex Club is literally seconds from the Hoxton. Which means you can dance the night away to the beats of legendary DJs in one of Paris’ best clubs. Then easily stumble back home to bed.

Another must-sample is the Experimental Cocktail Club – a speakeasy style joint serving, as its name suggests, innovative cocktail creations. Started in Paris (and now with venues in London, Ibiza and New York), there is surely no better place to imbibe an aperitif (or two…or three).

Breakfast, brunch and beyond

The morning after the night before. And the free Hoxton breakfast is more grab ’n’ go than sit ‘n’ savour. In order to get your light breakfast, you need to hang a paper bag outside your room. In the morning, you’ll find it has been filled with orange juice, a muesli yoghurt pot and a banana.

If that just won’t cut it, eggs, pancakes and pastries are available à la carte in the Rivié room/restaurant on the ground floor. And for a quick hit of caffeine, you can buy a cup of joe in the lobby for €6. Ouch!

Lunch in the hotel restaurant was, if not ground-breaking, a typically tasty and stylish Hoxton experience. It’s an airy, nicely buzzing Parisian bistro style place. The French-inspired food was delish. And the service fast and friendly.

Let’s get down to the important stuff. You want to know about the Wi-Fi, right?

Phew. There’s free, fast Wi-Fi available across the whole of the hotel.

And in terms of other facilities, reception staff were helpful (and happy to talk in English, which isn’t always a given in Paris), you can bring your four legged friends along for the ride, and there’s a tasty room service menu for late night snackage.

In just a few words…

Stylish, comfortable, but a tad pricey. A solid 8/10.

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[…] The 2nd arrondissement, right in the heart of Paris city centre. Just fifteen minutes’ walk from the Louvre and the Pompidou Centre. And five from the Hoxton Hotel. […]

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