The Seafood Bar, Amsterdam

The Place

These guys didn’t bother spending loads of time and money coming up with a clever name. Instead, they picked one that perfectly describes the eatery they’ve created.

The Seafood Bar Amsterdam is the place to go for deliciously fresh seafood in the city. This long, skinny restaurant is beautifully designed. And it offers a range of sea-dwelling delights, everything from simple lobster rolls to full on seafood platters with wines to pair with every dish.

Quick tip: Book ahead as this place is popular and always busy.

The Neighbourhood

The Seafood Bar Amsterdam has three locations in the city. I visited the one in the museum Quarter.

It’s a few doors down from the Conservatorium Hotel and right in the cultural centre of Amsterdam, so the Stedelijk Museum, Van Gogh Museum and Moco Museum are all an easy stomp away.

A Good Shout for…

Top quality (but reasonably priced) seafood for lunch or dinner.

The Best Bits

  • The interior. White, sleek and contemporary, The Seafood Bar Amsterdam is a stylish and elegant place to get your seafood fix.
  • The seafood platter. I ordered one and it came with everything a seafood lover could possibly wish for. I was in heaven. Especially when washing it all down with a nice cold glass of prosecco.
  • The super fresh, seasonal and sustainable menu. These guys know their stuff and you can rest assured you’re getting the best of the best.

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