Tunich Cafe, Tulum

The Place

A little, tucked away, beach café with colourful decor and just 10 or 12 tables. Tunich also has cabañas for rent if you’re looking to bed down for the night.  

The Neighbourhood

Out of Tulum town centre, down by the beach and on the jungle side of the road. A little way north up the coast from Posada Margherita Hotel.

A Good Shout for…

A chilled-out, beachy breakfast or brunch.

The Best Bits

  • Eating breakfast under a palm leaf roof with the sounds of the sea close by.
  • The fact that brunch is served all day – literally from 7am to 7pm. Even the latest of risers can get their breakfast fill of fresh fruit smoothies, excellent coffee, breakfast burritos, granola. And eggs any way you could want them.
  • Free Wi-Fi and phone charging points, which came in really handy.
  • Finding out that this place really was as good as it looked. (Unfortunately not always the case when you’re talking about breakfast in Tulum.)

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Bela Molnar
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Bela Molnar
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