Uobei Genki Sushi, Tokyo

The Place

This is one of my favourite eateries in Tokyo. I’ve been lucky enough to visit Tokyo ten or more times, and I’ve never missed an opportunity to scran down some sushi at this place. 

The Neighbourhood

Uobei Genki Sushi is conveniently located in Shibuya (what I like to call the Soho of Tokyo). This is the heart of the city, ten minutes’ walk from the famous Shibuya road crossing and close to the Shibuya train station.

The restaurant is tucked away on a side street. It’s pretty easy to miss as there are lots of restaurant and shop fronts surrounding it and it doesn’t look much from the outside. However, the queue that snakes out of the door sometimes provides a clue.

A Good Shout for…

A sci-fi style sushi experience. And not having to worry about the language barrier (there are pictures on the menu and prices are clearly listed).

The Best Bits

  • I’ve nicknamed this place “Star Wars sushi”. It’s dining at its most space age. You sit along a four track conveyor belt and order on a touchscreen. Little shuttles shoot out from the kitchen and your order stops right in front of you. You take your plates from this little hovercraft, press a button and your shuttle disappears back into the kitchen. Just call me Obi-Wan Kenobi. 
  • The organisation is as you’d expect from a Japanese restaurant in Japan. Whilst you’re waiting for a table you play a very polite game of musical chairs, everyone shuffling along each time someone is called. And then your order all gets saved up on a little key fob gadget, which the cashier scans when it’s time to pay the bill. It’s all very civilised.
  • I should probably mention that the sushi at Uobei Genki Sushi isn’t bad either! But in a place as exciting as this, it’s the dining experience you remember rather than the food.
  • A quick tip: If you’d prefer a more traditional Japanese dining experience, Tofu Ryori Sorano (another of my faves) is just a stroll away.

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